The sunny side of life


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Kijk op onderstaande link voor een heerlijke vakantie in een authentiek Spaans vissersdorp waar de Ebro en de Middelandse Zee elkaar ontmoeten.
The sunny side of life

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The key to success...

The key to success? Healthy relationships are pillars for personal and professional success and development.
Yet, relationships are built and you are the engineer. How do you master the necessary tools and techniques? A relationship is a connection between two or more parties for mutual benefits that satisfy the needs of each party. The parties could be persons, companies or even countries. Here are the four keys to a successful relationship:
1. Mutual agreement to begin the relationship, except of course in parental relationships. 
2. Each party has responsibilities and obligations to satisfy and achieve if the relationship is to continue positively
3. A verbal or written contract that connects the parties
4. Time limit — every relationship has an end, whether resignation or firing, retirement or death. Nothing lasts forever, except your relationship with yourself.

There may be advantages to being alone, like managing your time, space, priorities, health, opinions, values, actions and habits. But no one can live by themselves. Alone you can go fast, together you achieve more

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